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The Emerald - Krabi Magazine article

Leading the way in developing high end luxury properties in Phuket for the past few years, The Emerald Development Group has its eyes on a new location; downtown Ao Nang.

The overwhelming success of The Emerald Development Group’s pioneer project, The Kathu Golf Condominium in Phuket paved the way to yet another development close by in neighboring Patong, Phuket. The new project was named The Emerald Terrace Condominium. The Terrace which boasts an impressive 141 rooms and currently stands at 90% sold out with the owners and development group entering into the transfer phase. The Emerald builds its client base and delivers a strong sales volume due to its team of highly dedicated sales executives and affordable pricing options over a wide range of unit options.

The managing director for The Emerald Development Group Khun Mai had the time to talk with Krabi Magazine about his track record with building the many condominium and villa developments over the past years.

Krabi Magazine: Why did you choose the name The Emerald for your development group?

Khun Mai: Emerald symbolizes a few different things, firstly it is green the same color of trees and much of the nature we are surrounded by, therefore the color and energy of each of my projects under The Emerald Development Group should embody this green natural feel. Secondly Emeralds are an esteemed previous stone and signify luxury and prestige, another image and feeling I would like preset at our finished projects.

Krabi magazine: Can you tell us a little about what is special about your building style?

Khun Mai: Building has always been a passion of mine, but I don’t like to maximize the building area in terms of unit allotment. I have always tried to build condominiums with the clients needs in mind. What I mean by this is that I never like to over develop a project. I will build according to the land area which will leave the project owners with a comfortable amount of space to feel at home and not in a hotel.

Krabi Magazine: Why did you choose to come to Ao Nang, as you have had such great success in Phuket?

Khun Mai: I have been building in Phuket for some time now but in Phuket what I can offer my clients is limited quite simply to Phuket. I have a number of clients that come to me and want to buy a condominium in a quiet and calm area and while Phuket does offer a number of residential locations which give this option the province of Phuket as a whole is very developed. I want to be able to offer people options for where they would like to purchase their own property, for instance, a project in a more natural surrounding while still in a good location for nightlife, restaurants and activities. Krabi is the perfect location as it is a quickly growing area of Thailand and shows great potential in the upcoming years to continue its upward trend in growth. Buyers at our new project, The Emerald Ao Nang can enjoy a great investment choice while having their condominium in a location that allows for easy access to quiet and calm beaches, intimate hot springs and a variety of viewpoints and nature hikes without a huge number of crowds.

Krabi magazine: Will there be rental services available at The Emerald at Ao Nang?

Khun Mai: Yes, we currently manage all of our condominiums for our buyers, we guarantee buyers a 7% rental return over the first three years of management. We have a great track renting our projects in Phuket and to make our situation even better in Ao Nang we are actually working with the Krabi White Sands Resort as a partner in developing The Emerald Ao Nang.With additional hospitality and client base support buyers can have additional confidence that their units will earn a substantial return for many after they purchase.

Krabi Magazine: How are sales going at The Emerald Ao Nang?

Khun Mai: We have partnered with a number of local and international agencies to develop a strong sales network of private agents as well as internationally recognized property brokers.  In addition we also employ a full time sales team always available to show our many projects to walk in customers. This strong sales model that we have used for our past projects has allowed us to sell a great number of units and currently is working for us in Ao Nang. We currently stand at 30% sold and haven’t even started the new high season in Ao Nang when we expect to nearly sell out.

Krabi Magazine: How many units will The Emerald Ao Nang have?

Khun Mai: We will build The Emerald Ao Nang in three phases, the first will be built and ready to move in by the end of 2017. The other two phases will be ready for transfer and move in the following year.

We have 205 units available at The Emerald Ao Nang, these units range in size from our studio units at 29Sq. meters up to our penthouse units at 154 Sq. meters so there is a wide range of units which can cover all needs and budgets.

As we have seen Ao Nang take leaps and bound in its growth over the past 5 years, we can only hope to imagine what Ao Nang will be once we open The Emerald. We can be assured that the amount of visiting tourists will significantly increase by then providing for a very high occupancy rate and therefore a great return on investment for our customers.

The Emerald Development Group just hosted its presages event at the project’s location in Ao Nang, drawing in a massive crowd from all over Ao Nang. A good mix of both expatriates and Thai locals alike both attended. The event was a huge success and a number of The Emerald’s units were reserved there.

The Emerald Ao Nang features a number of amenities such as:

  • 2 fitness centers
  • 5 swimming pools
  • Rooftop garden
  • 24-hour security
  • Smartcard access and CCTV
  • Internet and cable TV inside the units
  • Indoor covered parking
  • Full service restaurant

The Emerald in Ao Nang is located centrally in Ao Nang behind the Krabi White Sands Resort and the CIMB Bank. You can leave the project and walk to Ao Nang Beach in as little as 5 minutes. Access to a number of tasty restaurants in Ao Nang are also only a short walk from the project’s location. Units at The Emerald Ao Nang start at only 2.69M THB, a number of freehold quote units are still available for foreign buyers.

To get in touch with the sales team at The Emerald Group contact:

086-776-6166, 098-787-9935

Emerald Developments Group, Krabi