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Huay Thoi Waterfall

Huay Thoi Waterfall - Krabi Magazine article

On the outskirts of Krabitown, just beyond the main junction of Talad Gao and the first settlement of Krabi lies a national park so vast and encompassing that it actually extends well beyond the boarders of Krabi Province.

A trifle difficult to find but well worth the time as this place has not become the target of the mass tours provided by a number of the local operators, keeping it remote and just under the radar.

To get to Huay Thoi waterfall you need to rent a motorbike, car or hire a tuk tuk to take you there. Take the main road going from Ao Nang to Krabitown, at the first major four way intersection with a light you come to turn left, continue on until you come to your net light, turn right and go straight until you come to a major 5 way intersection at the bottom of a hill. Stay straight but bear left through this light and then keep your speedometer around 40km/hr so you will be able to see the approaching sign on your left. Once you see it (← HUAY THOI WATERFALL) turn left and stay on straight. Now is the slightly hard part, this road which will take you to HuayThoi Waterfall is long, and after driving for around 20 minutes without seeing your destination you might get a little distraught, don’t fear young explorer, continue on, persevere the potholes and manic motorbikes, white knuckle the wheel and continue on until you see your destination poke out from the forested depths of the National Park.

A cheap 200thb/person entrance will be asked of you upon entrance, we have tried to flirt our way out of this to no avail, so you can try but you probably will have little luck…

I suggest you bring your camera and possibly a picnic if you can as the main area of the national park is a grassy field with various banyan and large contorted huge trees extend overhead and create a blanket like canopy. This is a perfect location for photos of you and your friends, as the backdrop is vibrant, dynamic and not overly populated.

The main waterfall which is the primary destination of 90% of the visitors is just a 10 minutes walk on a comfortable dirt road surrounded by primary forest and all the dwellers inside. Keep your eyes open for tree frogs, butterflies, and beautiful songbirds whose calls can be heard echoing through the dense jungle, the chance remains to spot a forest tapir or spotted cat, although rare they do inhabit these habitat.

The waterfall you emerge through the canopy cover to is the last tier of a 7 tiered waterfall system, its source is well up into the mountains, possible to trek to but not recommended. Water begins from the mountainside from rainfall which collects in the various pits and streams of the hillside in small bodies of water these smaller bodies merge and create larger and larger streams until they converge into the main body and cascade down from onto our heads from above.

Huay Thoi waterfall is part of the Khao Panom Bench National park, a park founded as a means to maintain some of Thailand’s true national land, instead of allowing it to be slashed and burned, turning it into just another part of the monogamous landscape of rubber and palm plantations. The national park as a whole extends over 3 provinces.

Come by and splendor in the magic of the water at the falls.

open Monday – Friday 9 am – 6pm.