Ruen Mai

Ruen Mai - Krabi Magazine article

Ruen Mai, or ‘old wooden house’ as it’s known in Thai has become the household name for a fantastic local restaurant here in Krabi. Allow us to reveal the secret recipe to this amazing establishment.

Over 25 year ago, before Krabi was a tourist destination, Ruen Mai’s owner Khun Liang was not concerned with opening a restaurant that catered towards a foreign palette.

He wanted to capture the pure essence of what the traditional flavors are for Southern Thai cuisine and offer these dishes at an affordable price. He wanted to couple this with an ambiance that made patrons feel at home.

Now, a staple in the Krabi community, Ruen Mai has, over the past 25 years, moved three times to and from various locations throughout Krabi Town. Ruen Mai has now found a new home in the suburbs of Krabitown. Quiet, peaceful and homey is the theme of Ruen Mai in it’s new home on Sai Thai.  It is a tranquil haven of comfort.

The current restaurant was designed and built by a renowned architect and builder who also happens to be a Krabi local wishing to remain anonymous. His work is one of the key components that gives Ruen Mai it’s delightful local feel. The primary building material used in the construction of Ruen Mai is bamboo sourced from all over Thailand but only specific pieces were used in the construction of the building.

The restaurant roof resembles a large straw hat that sits atop a hardwood floor, comfortably spotted with dinner tables. The whole structure is extended over a maze of canals and ponds, which are home to a variety of tilapia, catfish and other local fish.

The menu is full of sumptuous dishes, from the burned eggplant in coconut soup (a favorite for vegetarians) to the sautéed shrimp in tamarind sauce (our personal favorite), but don’t feel limited by these dishes, as every dish is delicious and amazing at Ruen Mai.

If you’re interested in trying truly authentic Southern Thai cuisine in an ambiance that will soothe your heart, take the short trip out to Sai Thai, on the way to Krabi Town. It’s only about a 10-minute drive from Ao Nang center.

Because this treasure of a restaurant is so popular, reservations are often recommended. To make a reservation please call