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Planet Earth: The One and Only for Now

Planet Earth: The One and Only for Now - Krabi Magazine article

Our impact on this wonderful world we ALL live in

Earth, A place we all call home, a place where there seems to be great abundance for all, yet this haven of a planet is changing, not just in one place, but all over, the planet is changing.

With developments in medicine and technology the rate of infant mortality has gone down dramatically over the past few decades, this has led to a population explosion throughout the globe but primarily in Asian countries. With the added population there comes the necessity for more food, more homes, bigger cities, more cars and so on. But all of this growth comes at a price. CO2 levels in the atmosphere have risen exponentially over the past two decades, to a level we have not seen in over 50 million years.

CO2 acts an insulator, trapping incoming sun rays inside of our atmosphere and increasing the temperature of our globe. With more CO2 this effect is only magnified, this is why each year there appears to be increasing global temperatures. With the increasing temperature of our planet, comes many other effects. The polar ice caps which hold a vast amount of the global water begin to melt, therefore causing ocean levels to rise, this in turn puts many of our cities at risk as many of them are close to these oceans. Also with the increased temperature comes high sea level temperatures which in turns kills many of the underwater corals which are highly sensitive to temperature fluctuations. The corals of our planet are made up primarily of calcium carbonate (a member of the carbon family), so when they die and decompose they release this carbon back into the atmosphere therefore increasing the levels of CO2 in our atmosphere. This is an example of a positive feedback loop and it is happening in many different ways throughout our planet.

The scientific community of our planet widely accepts this effect of global warming and has given many solutions to is but many of our governments are simple not listening to their cries. The powers that control our world are made up of in large by central banks and multinational oil giants. These oil giants are making fortunes from the planets dependence on this black sludge.

“These oil titans don’t want to word getting out that the energy our civilization needs to function for an entire year can be taken from the sun 10 times over in a single day.”

The energy we all need to power our computers, drive our cars, heat our ovens is all around us every day, we need only tap into it.

Many countries are signing incentive based policies giving government pay bask checks for those willing to install solar collecting devices on their homes and businesses, this is a start but it is not enough. We the people of this planet need to stand up; be the change we all want to see.

Our society is largely based around a system of gross excess, plastic bags for every trip to 7/11, throw away water bottles, styrofoam take away boxes at restaurants and so on. Changing the way we all interact with the products we liv with is the first step we can all take to make our planet a better place for ourselves and future generations to come.


  • When shopping, bring your own bags to use
  • Don’t buy bottled water-or at least try to reuse the bottles yo already bought
  • Start a compose pile at your house to allow food trash to decompose into healthy soil
  • Carpool to work or the beach
  • Ride your bike instead of driving to the gym for an exercise

It might not seem like much to you but if everyone tries to make a change we can maybe slow or even stop the effects of global warming and ensure the future of our planet for future generations to come.

if you are interested in learning more about how you can change your personal carbon footprint visit:

300mpg website