Rock Karsts

Rock Karsts - Krabi Magazine article

Formed millennia ago from calcium based lifeforms, snails, crustations, corals and so on which died and were buried upon one another, thus forming the basic make up of the rock calcium Carbonate, or limestone, as it’s come to be called among normal tongues. After eons of this process taking place and the sediment getting thicker and thicker and the water levels continually changed some of these immense rocks began to protrude forth from the water depths of The Andaman sea.

The limestone that was made by fallen crustaceans has led Krabi into the limelight… These limestone cliffs have formed some amazingly diverse and wonderfully shaped rock pillars, these pillars that make up the landscape of Krabi and have given it that signature look and feel that we have all come to know and revel at.

The original formation of these limestone cliffs was caused by the adherence of various dead crustaceans together but during this process then then young structures were weaker and exposed to the effects of the oceans. The awesome power of the ocean was able to shape the many pillars by a very slow process of wearing down the rocks edges with each passing wave.

These amazing rock pillars that were once underwater have slowly risen from their liquid homes to towering heights, giving Krabi it’s noted landscape and adding to the allure and mystery of the region.

The rock limestone is a relatively (we’re speaking in rock terms now) porous and lighter rock making it great for rock climbing as anchors are easy to set and there is never a shortage of foot-holes and grips to hang from. It is because of these age-old limestone karsts that Krabi has received a world recognized seat on the top 10 destinations for rock climbing worldwide.

The government has realized they special quality of Krabi and the rock climbing enthusiasts that come from all over the globe to try their skills on the Krabi karsts, so they have opened an international competition with a hefty first place prize of $10,000 USD which has now begun to draw in people form all around the globe.

You can find awesome beauty from these karsts throughout Krabi, form Koh Lanta to Ao nLuk and everything in between. So far though we felt that the most intense and awe inspiring limestone karsts are those on Ton Sai beach and those in the Thalane bay area.