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Hotel Management Asia - Krabi Magazine article

Up close and personal with the Managing Director of the new Hotel Management company based here in the south of Thailand.

KM: Hello Daniel, thank you for taking the time to talk with us today, we would like to give our readers a little information about you and your company so lets get started getting to know you better.

KM: Where are you from?

Daniel: I am from a  small town in the South of Sweden, so I guess you could say I come from proud Viking stock.

KM: What brought you to Thailand? and when was that? 

Daniel: I was head hunted from my job as a hotel GM in Luang Prabang, Laos by the owner of Beach Republic Residences & Beach Club on Koh Samui. That was back in 2010 so I have been living in Thailand for 5 years now. My wife is expecting our second child any day now, a little brother for our young daughter.

KM: What lead you to start the Hotel Management Asia business? 

Daniel: In my job as hotel GM I met and talked to many hotel owners who were having a hard time finding management for their properties because they where “too small”.

I saw a great demand for small to medium resorts/hotels in need of a more flexible approach to property management. The idea is to share the cost of sales, IT, marketing, accounting and management between a few selected high-end resorts/hotels so each owner can benefit from a complete and professional property management without the need to build up and pay for a whole team which is often too expensive for a resort with 15-20 pool villas for example.

KM: What is your background with the hospitality business? 

Daniel: I started in the travel business working my way up. In the end, together with several of the best and most prestigious travel agents in the world I operated world tours aboard private jet but also exclusive tailor made programs to South Africa and Seychelles. I started to work in the hotel business about 10 years ago. Mainly because I thought it could be done better as I had been disappointed so many times with the short comings from 5 star independent hotels. My guests were sometimes paying 100.000+ USD per person for a private jet tour and some of these hotels couldn’t even get the basics right.

KM: Who is Hotel Management Asia a business founded to serve? 

Daniel: We are looking to connect with several types of Property Owners. Firstly the owner/investor who plans to take a back seat and let us manage their investment for them. Secondly, there are owners who are looking for the freedom to pursue new goals and projects and want a safe, professional team to take care of their property freeing them from the day to day operation. Thirdly, we have owners who want to get their property in perfect condition for sale by improving revenues and industry performance standards to show the resort as a turnkey operation for a potential buyer.

KM: Why did you choose to open your business in Krabi and the south of Thailand? 

Daniel: I really like this part of Thailand and living close to the sea is important to me. From a business point of view, I really believe in this area, especially Krabi. The natural beauty of Phang Nga and its islands such as Koh Yao Noi, Koh Yao Yai and Koh Jum to name just a few. There are so many great destinations in the world, Krabi is up there with them and has a great future on the map.

KM: How many hotels do you have planned to be managing by the beginning of the 2016? 

Daniel: Happy customers is priority number one! I want to make sure all our customers get the attention they need so we will keep the “family” small at this point. We are looking to add one or maximum two customers/locations this year. We don’t want to rush things. We are building solid foundations to take the business forward, growing organically. We already have 2 resorts in our portfolio and this beautiful part of Thailand is the focus of our future plans.

KM: Do you offer a completely turn key management service so hotel owners don’t have to do anything they don’t want to?  Can you take care of everything A to Z with hotel management? 

Daniel: Yes, and this is one of our strong points. We can take over or build up any resort/hotel operation with our present team. We even have an up and running food and beverage brand Hook Restaurant and Bar concept that can be applied to any location along with the hotel operation. A complete solution for hospitality property management.

KM: What are your plans for Hotel Management Asia in the next 10 years? Do you have big expansion plans?  

Daniel: I will not allow this company to grow too fast. Adding services and resorts will happen naturally as our reputation grows. I believe that our clients are our best source of referral, let the word go out. I want us to grow slowly and add services in the future, for example, a temporary GM to help independent hotel owners or family businesses to get things right. Especially if they feel that they haven’t got the full potential out of their property but still want to manage it by themselves. There are many hotel and restaurant owners in Thailand that have invested quite a lot of money, some have never been involved in hospitality before on any level. We can help give them a competitive edge.

KM: What is it you like most about the hospitality business? 

Daniel: It feels great when you know you have a resort working like a Swiss clock and your guests are all having a wonderful time. For us in hospitality we have a big responsibility to make sure they get maximum value from their precious holiday time and money. The combination of being serious with a smile and giving great service beyond what’s expected is the core of hospitality. That is what motivates me.

KM: I know that there are a number of other companies that offer management services to hotel owners, what makes your business different?  

Daniel: We specialize in boutique resorts under 50 keys which traditionally is an area ignored by nearly all the other management companies. We give owners the tools and know-how to compete with the big name brands without the huge investment.

If you want to know more about Hotel Management Asia please send your questions to:

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