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Porsche drivers cruising to krabi in style

Porsche drivers cruising to krabi in style - Krabi Magazine article

all the way from Singapore

This past month a large group of the members of the Porsche club of Singapore took for a 2 day journey venturing from their homes in Singapore to Krabi to get a view and a taste of the nature we all take in every day.

The main draw for this group of exclusive drivers was the revered restaurant The Hilltop, where they could relish in the awe-striking view above Ao Nang with a great sense of accomplishment! 1000 kilometers traveled for a view from the top of Ao Nang!

Making annual trips from Singapore, the various high end car groups of Singapore have begun to make this trip a regular one. Last year The Ferrari club of Singapore made the trip to Krabi to enjoy a similar event. This year it’s Porsche, next year maybe we’ll have Lamborghini making their trip…

This year saw an impressive fifteen different Porsche cars ranging from the classic 911 to the sporty boxster to the utility vehicle the cayenne. Thats not all though, the team of drivers were flanked by a few members of adjoining clubs, namely two drivers from bentley and five Mercedes-Benz drivers.

This was a night to remember at The Hilltop as exclusive international drivers roared in for a dinner. Catch the view anytime yourself or check in next year for the next exclusive club coming to town.