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The Secrets To Shopping in Thailand

The Secrets To Shopping in Thailand - Krabi Magazine article

Are you looking for something amazing to brighten your every day once you return home and remind you of your time in Thailand? Well let’s walk through some of the best things to consider buying yourself prior to you trip home.

Thai Silk

There is a reason it’s renowned worldwide. Rural areas all over Thailand have been weaving this fantastic material into meticulous patterns for years now and you can find all over Krabi shops that have an abundance of silk in a large variety of colors and patterns. Even the tailors now use Thai Silk as almost a standard lining material in most of their suits and dresses, you can talk with one of the representatives at a tailor shop to get more information.

Custom Tailoring

Tailoring in Thailand

“Have you ever dreamed of having your own custom made suit tailor-made but were always deterred from the high price tag? Well Thailand has your answer.
Almost everywhere in the country you can find a huge number of tailors willing to make your custom made suits for a fraction of the cost of the same back home. It’s always a good idea to pay a deposit first instead of everything up-front and ask for as many fittings as necessary to get it right.”


“Krabi is home to a huge range of oysters of both salt and fresh water, with many local markets selling their wares in both loose form or strung together into beautiful necklaces.
Be careful when shopping to not jump at the first pearl you find, take your time, ask around and then make your decision.”


“With the internationally recognized ruby mines in Burma and various gemstone mining happening all over the country, it is no wonder that you can find loose stones in many markets and jewelry stores at such unbeatable prices.
Again make sure you don’t jump at an offer simply because it seems “too good to be true” and is lower than what you would pay back home. It pays to take your time and shop around.
Don’t forget to haggle when buying gemstones, there is always room to shave a few baht off.