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I Brew The Beer I Drink

I Brew The Beer I Drink - Krabi Magazine article

Ever what to take your favorite beverage into your own hands? Ever want total control over what goes into your glass?

Well my friends this is your lucky issue then as we’re going to go into the process and directions guiding you how to make you’re own beer!

To start pat yourself on the back this process you’re about the delve into is an ancient one and is arguably one of the main factors if not the main factor in the agricultural revolution which as we all know it was the first step in setting up civilization as we know it today.

First lets go into what you need to make beer:

  • Barley or Wheat
  • Hops
  • Yeast
  • Water

Yup it’s that simple, only those four ingredients are what you need.

You will need some other equipment though:

  • Large cooking pot
  • Heat source (burner)
  • Large plastic bottle (5L will work, but 20L is better)
  • Airlock to prevent air coning inside bottle
  • Thermometer
  • Scale
  • Timer
  • Coffee grinder
  • Beer bottles
  • Beer caps
  • Beer capper
  • Ice


  • Crush your barley or wheat malt so the inside of the malt is exposed to the environment using the coffee grinder
  • Add hot water (around 76C) to the malt in a large cooking pot cover and let sit for 1 hour
  • Strain off the grain from your mixture leaving only the liquid (or wort) in your cooking pot
  • Bring the wort to a boil
  • Once the wort begins to boil reduce heat to a simmer and add your hops, typically the hops are added in small increments multiple times throughout the boiling process
  • Continue the boil for 1 hour then turn off heat
  • Add enough ice to the wort to reduce the temperature enough to pour into the plastic bottle you have on hand
  • Once the temperature is cool enough pour wort into your plastic bottle and add plastic bottle to an ice bath to cool to 25C
  • Once temperature is around 25C then you can add the yeast and shake the bottle to aerate
  • Add airlock to prevent air getting into the bottle but allowing gas to escape.
  • keep the bottle around 20-25C and let ferment for 1-2 weeks.

You should notice a little bubbling action happening at the top of your bottle, this is fermentation and a normal healthy part of the process, fermentation is the process of the yeast consuming the sugars converting them to ethanol and CO2

After 1-2 weeks (or when the bubbling process has stopped completely you want to cold crash your beer so put it in the refrigerator for 1-2 days, this will allow the yeast go to sleep and sink to the bottom of the bottle

After these couple of days add the priming sugar to your beer, mix around slightly and fill your bottles, cap and put in a cold dark place for another 2 weeks

Crack and serve!

Please note that Thailand does not allow brewing ones own beer so please take this information to heart if you are considering brewing with the kingdom, we suggest you try this in the safety of your own country.

Take care and happy brewing.


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