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The Emotion of The Eye

The Emotion of The Eye - Krabi Magazine article

Humans; visual creatures wandering, searching of that fire of beauty they see in movies, magazine, paintings and photos.  Colors flash in the eye, dazzle us when the dance among one another on screens they insight feelings or inspirations, intrigue, fear, amazement and many more emotions, but too many to list. Shapes make us wonder, ‘what is behind that box?’ or ‘the architecture of that building s amazing but it looks like it could fall at any moment.’ We are all influenced consciously or subconsciously by the shapes that make up our world, these emotions can be as powerful if not more powerful than those given to us by the many colors that make up our world.

Texture, the other element our eyes use when creating a picture of a situation or setting drawing emotions, feeling, insight and so on. Texture, sure it should like something you can brush over but actually it has an extremely important effect on our sensory stimulation.

If you look at this photo, what feelings come to mind?

When we talk about different textures, shapes and color when considering composition of a room for photography or videography, each of these visual stimuli plays a huge role in giving the viewer an emotion or feeling. yellow, red and organ will give warm feels, when coupled with oblique soft pillows and a some plant or flower in the background the viewer will evoke a range of feelings but mostly retaining to warm feelings of being at home, bringing back memories of having dinner with their parents in their childhood homes or something of the sorts.

When we talk about the desired sensation is clean, modern perfection, darker colors are more preferably with a strong gray undertone and more right angles are necessary and the textures of the room should not be warm at all, straight and to the point textures, if a plant is desired one with light bark, small leaves that don’t droop too far.

Why are these things important to us? 

Humans area visual creatures, they are most drawn to something that has something to say and it wide in the open. When you want to get the attention of the masses it is important to have a few tools in your toolkit on how to do this, how to capture the attention of a million eyes, how to grab them by the eyes but grab them with a feeling. How do you stop on this page and begin to read this article? Was it the title? I think not, it was most definitely the photo on the first page.

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