Khanom - Krabi Magazine article

A blend of cuisines right into the desert plate.

Since the fusion of two worlds happened centuries ago, people have been blurring the lines between both sides in the kitchen. Taking a little Kha-Pow and putting it in a wrap, mixing pasta with green curry, removing the inside of a pumpkin and replacing it with sweet custard, these are only some of the many areas of fusion in the kitchen since the blending of these two worlds.

The blurring of cuisines is not limited to the main courses it has also transferred to the desert menu. Now there are a number of things to try in your local market leaving your palette on a roller coaster ride; sweet, salty, crunchy, savory, spicy (yes thats right a spicy desert) are only some of the flavors your encounter with Thai deserts.

Many of these delicious items are often wrapped in a pastry giving the illusion of a croissant like item, but inside you are bound for a surprise.

You might find any number of desert items at any given market, we recommend you take a few of each, try the gamut of the lot and see what you like. Don’t worry about buying something you wont like as most of these deserts will cost you 15-20THB/each about .5-.7USD so go crazy splurge and spend a few hundred baht and find what tickles your tongue.

Black beans; thought it was a desert item? Well here in Thailand it is, boiled in a lightly sweated water and then mashed into a paste like substance it can often be found inside buns or pastries. Not a favorite but still an interesting item to try when in a foreign land.

There are also a number of small cube like deserts which have the consistency of a hardened paste like rubber, there can be found in a wide variety of colors and shapes but typically can bite sized and are very sweet to tasters beware.