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Global Change. Comes in Many Forms

Global Change. Comes in Many Forms - Krabi Magazine article

Since the dawn of humanity (well in written historical terms speaking…) we have been a species of trendsetting. There seems to be an never-ending fascinating with what someone else is doing and what we can do to become more like them. How we can change our clothes, our music choices, even our travel destinations can be influenced by those we revere whether it be on the TV, movies, on stage or just friends and family. We all have this strive to be better everyday, try harder change our wants to make our world a little better.

Henry ford started a trend with his model T, Steve jobs was a trendsetting with the seamless and sleek design of the various apple products, mark zuckerburg has now started a trend with social media. The facebook giant has given way to a number of other platforms for communication, twitter, google plus, instagram, etc. Our world is shaped by these individuals, a developing world of technology and services is always under a a constant wheel of change. 

There is a new wind in the air, a global shift, not shaped directly by one or two of us developing something new, but this shift is because of the combined work of all of us. The world is now home to over 7 billion people, only 100 years ago it was estimated at around 1 billion, this massive increase in global population at such a amazingly fast rate has not come without a certain tax on our planet. A tex money in the traditional sense will not fix. 

We currently produce approximately XXXXXXXXXXXXXX billion metric tones of carbondioxide annually and pump it into our artmophere. This CO2 when released builds up and acts as a one way mirror, sunlight can  penetrate through this CO2 and make it to our planets surface, providing us with heat, energy for our plants and so on, but when this sunlight bounces back off of our planets surface almost half of the sunrays are trapped by the CO2 which absorbs the sunrays and then radiates out the absorbed solar energy. 

This simple production of CO2 is the leading cause for global temperature increase; global temperature growth has a number of other effects on our planet climate, increasing sea levels, floods, increased atmospheric moisture and therefore incsed hurricanes, tornados and cyclones. These are all directly related to the massive production of CO2 a byproduct of the burning of fossil fuels such as oil and coal. 

dsc-5331A number of the leading trendsetters of our time and day have come forward to propose laws, regulations programs restricting the amount of fossil fuels companies can produce, increasing the production of solar energy collecting products as well as other naturally power generating systems.

This is all a very good thing for the security and longevity of our species, because if nothing is done soon the production of CO2 by humans will cause a global climate shift that will usher in a time and climate where many of us might not be able to survive in.

There is another way though, government policies are good but XXXXXXXXXXX once said “be the change you want to see” There is a new option for those of you who are looking to make a change in your lives, a change that will help you lives and those of your children. Why not consider a chift in your means of transportation? I just recently purchased an electric 3-wheeled scooter from KrabiGreenBike newly operating in Krabi province servicing individuals, resorts and groups with fully electric motorbikes, battery assisted bicycles and solar panel systems which can be used on homes, guest houses or even major resorts. 

It’s is a great option to consider if you are interested in making a change in your lifestyle and a means to support our planets future. The new model which was purchased for around 50,000 THB has a range of over 70km for a single charge and a top speed of around 50km/hr. To charge this vehicle it will cost you an approximate 5-7THB in electricity costs so if you are a person like me and travel around  15,000Km/year you will save on 10,000THB/year. So in this model you will earn back the initial investment of 50,000 in only 5 years. 

Companies producing electric cars are soaring, look at Tesla in California, they are producing over 50,000 vehicles annually the new S85P outperforms a brand new corvette. The car titans, Ford, Toyota, GM, Nissan are beginning to also catch on with the new electric trend, producing vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf, Toyota prius or the Ford XXXXXXXXX.