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Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery - Krabi Magazine article

Improving the way we look

Times are moving at astrominical speeds lately, apply is developing a new device every 6 months, electric cars are becoming more and more popular, people are more in contact with one another at all times. The many mediums we look, feel and perceive one another is more and more readily available, therefore the look we project out into the world is important to us all.

With more technological developments in plastic surgery, it is now becoming a more affordable, safe and convenient means for all of us to achieve the looks we are looking for.

Grace plastic surgery, recently opened in 2014 by head plastic Surgeon Dr. Note after his extensive experience with Bangkok international hospital and Krabi Nakahrin hospital allowed him an gain a client base in the area and open a private clinic. Grace plastic surgery in Krabitown is dedicated solely to the improvement of everyones cosmetic features.

Grace Plastic surgery clinic in Krabitown offers a range of services, from botox injections, rhinoplasty and breast augmentation to facial reconstruction and liposuction. Grace plastic surgery clinic’s head surgeon Dr. Note has been trained by a range of international institutions and has also worked in a range of hospitals giving him a well rounded background for all plastic surgery services.

Located only a short 20 minute drive from Ao Nang, Grace plastic surgery clinic is convenient to get to as well as the fact that it is close to a range of hotels and facilities catering for those looking to stay overnight for more extensive services needed.

You can get in touch with Dr. Note to schedule an appointment by email:

or by calling them at:

081-329-3564 or 093-409-2234