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Boncafe: ‘Beyond Coffee’

Boncafe: ‘Beyond Coffee’ - Krabi Magazine article

Mention the name ‘Boncafe’ and people invariably think of coffee related products like coffee beans and coffee brewing machines. But there is more to Boncafe than just that. Lyons Designer Sauce, Bontea Mix, Bontea Signature, Matcha green tea, and Torani syrup are some of the other products which should come in most handy at discerning cafes or your house.

If you are looking for ways to enhance the variety of your drinks or bakery items, try one of the eight flavors of Lyons Designer Sauce: caramel, chocolate, white chocolate, cinnamon, lemon zest, raspberry, mango and kiwi lime. You can dress up and add flavors to your regular cappuccino, for example, by drawing on the milk foam with Lyons Designer Sauce. Alternatively, you can use the sauce as topping for various bakery items as well, or use their Lyons Fruit filling to fill your recipe needs. That should be equally interesting.

The Bontea Mix is made of quality tea leaves and a unique fruit infusion. This instant fruit tea can freshen you either straight up or with bits of fresh fruit added to it. Lemon if you prefer a hint of sourness. Peach if you find its sweetness irresistible. And apple is simply cool and inviting. Just stir the mix in cold water and there you have it.

Just stock a few out of the two dozens choices, Torani syrups can give your drinks new and exciting flavors with minimal effort, whether we are talking about Italian sodas, smoothies or even coffee.

One other product you cannot miss is the Bontea Signature with familiar flavors like Darjeeling, Earl Grey and English Breakfast. For health-conscious tea drinkers, we have mint tea that helps with headaches and jasmine green tea which is rich with anti-oxidants. Rounding up the offering is Rooibos tea. This red tea is different from other teas in that it is free of caffeine, making it the natural choice for anyone who wishes to avoid it.

As you can see, Boncafe is not only good for coffee. They have a range of select products to save you valuable time and resources. The good health is also a plus. So if you are looking for new and innovative ingredients for drinks, visit Boncafe Krabi today and you will surely be able to shop for impressive products at great value. 

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