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Solar Panels

Solar Panels - Krabi Magazine article

Looking for a change you can make at your house? Solar panels are part of a growing sector to our global economy, they could be the solution for a global epidemic.

We are all part of this growing planet, each year millions more enter it, and with them the growing desire for more food, clothes, cars, phones and so on and so on. We all need the basic necessities of life to life on this amazing planet, but how do we get these things?

We all need to power our homes, cars, computers, TV’s, refrigerators and so on and so on but how should we get this power we need for the amenities of life?

The major electric generating power plants throughout the globe do a very good job in providing the much needed power to our cities, factories and homes but they do it in a way that isn’t conducive for the long term survival of our species and planets habitat. Still today in our modern times of the 21st century, we are still burning fossil fuels to run steam generating electro-stations. This is the worst and most polluting form of fuel for our planet and yet still even now over 70% of the power plants on our planet use coal as a means to generate this much needed power.

If we had the equipment in place to collect all the energy from the sun in only 1 hour, this would-be enough power for us to power our entire planets population and infrastructure for an entire year.

Doesn’t this make you think? Why are we continuing to spend time, energy and money pulling this black sludge from the earth’s depths only to burn in up in flames and send it’s toxic effects into our air. Wouldn’t it make more sense for us to use the endless, clean and free power provided from the sun?

Numerous governments all around the world have already signed into effects government based incentive programs that reward those who install solar collecting devices on their roofs or cars. Thus making the prospect of installing these wonderful inventions on ones home more and more attractive. Large corporations like Apple, Google, Tesla, and Solarcorp are donations hundreds of millions of dollars into the industry to make it easier and more affordable for the individual to purchase such devices and change the planet.

Recent developments with solar panels have made these systems more efficient and affordable to purchase. Now in Thailand it is possible to purchase a solar system powerful enough to power an entire home for a family of 4 for around 300,000THB =$10,000.

Considering the cost of electricity can be upwards of 30,000THB/$1,000USD/year these systems will pay themselves off after only 10 years, after this then it’s free, clean and safe energy forever.

There are a number of solar companies in operation throughout Thailand already a number of them are:

There is even a business in Krabi that sells electric motorbikes and small solar systems which can power the motorbike for less than 30,000 THB. Find them at  Krabi Green Bike website

The world is changing, our population will not cease to rise in numbers. It is up to the current generation to think about our planets future. What will our children have, what kind of role models will we make if we openly throw aside widely understood technology that has been developed to help our planet but not put to use because gas and fossil fuels are easier and more convenient…

We write this to you and ask you think about your actions and if it possible to inspire the change inside yourself, and hopefully in others as well.