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3D – The New Wave in Design and Creation

3D – The New Wave in Design and Creation - Krabi Magazine article

Thinking of building a house but finding it difficult to decide on the style and design features?

Have you thought about making a 3D model of your house or home to build to get a better idea of all aspects of your design? Sometimes it is very difficult to understand what your house will look like just by looking at blueprints or architectural drawings. This is where a 3D modelling artist can step in to create your project for you and take you on a virtual tour through your new house to-be.

Gaining in popularity over the past decade, this new visual projection is fast becoming a standard feature to any new development worldwide.

Whether you might be thinking of adding another window to your living room or increasing the width of your pool, a modelling specialist can build you a clear obvious projection of your project to be to give you a better understanding of the final product.

With new modelling and rendering software being developed every year, creating houses, condominiums or entire cities has become more accessible to builders and homeowners alike. The level of sophistication of the developing software has been steadily growing and now a much greater level of sophistication is available to designers and builders.

Now designers are able to input sunlight depending on the projects location on the planet, as well as mountains, trees, pastures, forests and more. This is great at giving an accurate depiction of all hours of the day, so you can better plan where to build an awning or shade covering.  You also have the ability to approve or change any aspect of the building project prior to starting any construction – saving both money and time.

But don’t think 3D modelling is restricted to the exterior of a house or a project. Interior designers are turning to 3D development to better plan out the design, flow and functionality of the interior living space for nearly every project worked on.

Developers are able to create everything in the interior of your projects, from the walls and doors right down to the forks and glasses, so you can really create your space to be the perfect place for you and your loved ones to spend time in.

KitDee Media & Design is one of the leading developers of 3D modelling and rendering projects in Krabi and southern Thailand. Contact them for any information you might like or if you have a question about a certain future project.