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Nong Thale Residence

Nong Thale Residence - Krabi Magazine article

by Kamalot Co., Ltd.

Same Same but different! a commonly heard saying in Thailand, applies to Nong Thale River Residence and reflects the unique concept behind this beautiful residential community.

The differencebegan with the development layout and extend into the future with superior infrastructure already in place and upgrades planned that are not commonly found here. NongThale River Residence is a master planned development boasting solid infrastructure including a private paved road leading to the development, a private water tower assuring dependable running water, a high voltage power line with itown transformer for stable electricity, high speed internet, and efficient drainage. This superior infrastructure coupled with unimpeded views of the surrounding karsts, open spaces, and a community garden, makes Nong Thale River Residence the place to live for those who want to avoid tiny lots with high walls and solitary living.

The master plan includes facilities where neighbors with common interests and hobbies can share their knowledge and passions. There is even a common garden with not only the papayas for the famous Som Tam but the gardener also grows fresh herbs for homemade pesto or fresh mint for your cocktail; uncommon benefits shared within the community. All of this while watching a breathtaking sunset behind the mountains and sharing tales of the magic that makes life in Krabi so enjoyable.  

Nong Thale River Residence is the brainchild and passion of Mat Ruijters, a Dutch building engineer who himself lives in the community. One of Mat’s basic philosophies is that people who come to live in Thailand do so to get among the Thai people, absorb the culture, revel in nature, and enjoy the sense of community.  Living as good neighbors with the local villagers and other residents of Nong Thale River Residence while both respecting and applauding the differences in cultures, we can achieve more safety and keep views open to allow you to fully enjoy magic life of Thailand.

River Residence is a quiet 24 rai area surrounded by beautiful karsts and traversed by a crystal clear river which boasts fabulous mountain views. The large plots ensure room for a private pool and/or salaextensive private gardens and a feeling of space while you retain your personal privacy. The accompanying photos show that it is possible to create privacy around your home without walls. Inspired by a love of nature, a pool with a view on the house next door has been transformed into a wonderful garden with the same pool nestled among ponds and salas, all in less than a year of dedicated gardening.

kamalot-aThe construction is managed by Mat who personally supervises each phase of the construction. Mat lived for over ten years in Krabi, and gained quit some experience in controlling Thai construction work. One of his favorite first work is Baan Will, a modern minimalistic villa opposite U&P Bakery in Ao Nang, AoNang WeatherHis supervision spans the entire building process, from concept and design, preparation of the plot, close inspection of all building materials to ensure the highest quality available to the construction of each home. His expert knowledge of design, materials, and construction techniques guarantee your home will be solid and secure. 

River Residence is a dynamic development. All villas are individually built as they are sold.A good structure is the base ingredient to make a Villa to a good houseNong Thale is offering you the other ingredients to make it to your home in the taste you like. A customdesigned home exactly as you see it in your dreams with European style quality control.

Nong Thale River Residence is a community of both full time residents and investors who enjoy vacationing in the beautiful Thai province of Krabi. While Kamalot Co. maintains the common areas and infrastructure of the development, they also offer a full range of maintenance services to individual clients who may be travelling and not in residence.  Services may include gardening, house and pool maintenance, housekeeping, and all other necessary services by request. These and many other benefits of owning a home in this community provide you with comfort, security and a sense of pride.

The holiday rental service program offers private luxury pool villas to enjoy a relaxed vacation. In addition, it provides prospective owners the opportunity to experience the relaxing environment and enables them to make a well-considered decision if this is the right place for living a magic life in Thailand.

Nong Thale River Residence is located in Ban Nong Thale on the road (6024) to KlongMuang, 350m South of the junction with the road (4034) to Krabi

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 Nong Thale Residence

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