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Coming to Thailand and looking for a place to get down? Well Krabi certainly doesn’t have the reputation of it’s older sisters Pattaya and Phuket. A certain family atmosphere surrounds Krabi, that coupled with a strong attraction to nature.

Krabi only recently stepped into the limelight as a major tourist destination therefore it’s infrastructure catering towards an ever-growing tourist market whose desires and wishes are always growing and changing.
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One thing that continues to be the same though is peoples love for a party (and thats good thing). The only thing that might change is the desire for which party. So whats your poison? Cabaret? Go-go bar? Disco tech? Live music? Or Egyptian styled bar? Well there is not too much to worry about, Centerpoint has it all. The area is basically a large courtyard which is surrounded on 4 sides by bars, bars, and bars. The walls of this courtyard are simple more bars, they extend 3 floors, and in total there is over 30 bars to choose from so if you’re style is not here, then it’s nowhere.

Aonang Centerpoint Go GoOn the ground floor you will see the famous Chang Bar, famous for backpackers looking to meet other backpackers as the dance floor is full of disco lights and pounding beats, grab  chang and boogie, you’re sure to bump into someone.

On the ground floor there is the famous Ciaro Nights; you’re go to place for hookah pipesmoking, there is a hookah man on site who turns out bowl and after bowl of taste blends of different tobaccos, they run in price from 300-400 THB so share this between 3-4 people and you’ve got a great deal on some amazingly tasty smoke.

To top off the ground floor there is a Tattoo Bar (which we don’t recommend after you’re had a few beers) as well as Longhorn Saloon which focus’ on live rock music as well as creating a western themed bar, so welcome come in but please don’t spit your tobacco on the floor.

On the second floor of centerpoint you have a few more bars, they are mostly the go-go bars and are called Sabina and Nova Club , both locations will feature stunning girls on stages going up and down the poles showing their skills and skin. Visit these 2 bars but get ready they seem to have the ability to get you very drunk very fast. Table dancing is not encouraged but not banned so if you feel inclined you can always try your skills next to the girls. you’ll will have a fun time in both bars, just be prepared if you want to go home with someone have a backup hotel as many of the 3+ star hotels will not allow outside guests.

Ao Nang Centerpoint tattoo barThe third floor is the cherry on the cake, you’ve made it to the top of the escalator and now ready for your prize??? That’s right you guessed right Cabaret show time. These ladyboys are some of the best in southern Thailand and they’ve got a performance to match their looks. Such act’s as Mrs. doubt fire, it’s raining men – The weather girls and many more. It might get you a little uncomfortable seeing these men dress the way they do, but you’ve already come as far as Thailand so why not take in everything the culture has to offer. It’s a great experience at the Blue Dragon Cabaret show, you will certainly have some great memories. For us it always blows impressive to see the transformation these men go through in the name of beauty, so why no pay them some respect with seeing what they spend so much time on preparing.

Cairo Nights Centerpoint Ao-NangCenterpoint is Ao Nang’s central party spot, everything from beer and kebab’s, to go go girls and ladyboys, it’s the central place for partying. You’ll have a great time there and don’t worry there is plenty of time as there is always a bar open somewhere in centerpoint until 5am. You can park your scooter outside the courtyard but please remember where you parked it because the area can get pretty busy and at times there will be over 300 scooters outside centerpoint and finding you’re can be tough.

Have a fun night, just remember – be safe.

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