SKAL! Onwards And Upwards

SKAL is one of the worlds leading networking organisations connecting people in the travel and hospitality industry all across the world together to exchange ideas/practices...
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Helping Hands Saving Paws

Just over 15 years ago owner and founder Julie Kovacs founded a Thai cooking school to share with tourists her love for Thai cuisine on...
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The Temple Above All Else

The temple above all else, the temple on top of the mountain, the temple you must take a small pilgrimage to see… Nestled just outside...
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Shine in Your Andaman

Goodbye 2017, hello 2018!  Out with the old and in with the new. Thats what they say right? Well Krabi is making it’s own changes...
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Bali Spirit Festival

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Thinking of Droning?

Well there are some things you might want to know before you do so in the Kingdom of Thailand. Thailand is some of the most...
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Voicing an Emotion

Instagram filters for virtual space, how about board Shorts for real life filters? With todays generation ever changing and evolving faster and faster, and the...
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Friends with Fins

These apex predators are essential to our ecosystem but they’re being eradicated by humans, and might not be around in our grandchildren lifetime. This international...
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Coffee Anyone?

Thinking of heading out into the hot blazing sun but need a little kick to get you going? We’re outlined some of our favourite coffee...
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In a Salty Paradise

A little freshwater is all you need Just before the popular beaches of Ao Nang, Noparathara and Klong Muang is the large Nong Thale lake....
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Raks Thai Resort

A family built resort, one with a truly personal touch… Rak’s Thai Resort, located a short 300 meters from the popular Noparathara beach was originally...
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Up Up And Into The Clouds

How an ambitious, fun loving young man brought the sport of paragliding to Thailand decades ago. Moving to Japan some 35 years ago as a...
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The Hidden Gem of Krabi

Taking an adventurous journey to exotic Thailand is something that many a traveller has experienced in their lifetime. In years past places in the Central...
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Motorbike Safety

Thailand, the land of smiles, the land of freedom and opportunity right? Yes thats certainly correct, Thailand is a wonderful place and you are most...
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Just Over Yonder

Another beach by Todd Lerlost Since the time when Ao Nang beach was first “discovered” and began to attract more and more visitors because of...
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Bike Week

Roaring into town here they come Last month saw Ao Nang’s annual Bike Week extravaganza come and go with chrome, loud pipes and plenty of...
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Where To Get Your Shop On

Krabi Shopping Guide   Krabi is well known for it’s stunning beaches, it’s fantastic nature and scenery, but what if you’re into another side of...
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The traveller who stopped at nothing to help those in need We’re going to talk for a minute about somebody who loved Krabi very much,...
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The Green Thumb

For some it’s a gift from birth, for others they must learn to develop their green thumb, but once you’ve got one it’s there for...
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Mermaid Fins

Put on a fin and transform yourself into a new being. A mysterious creature of stories, novels folklore is now emerging from the waves and...
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Play Loud!

The Bali based brand 69 Slam has come to Krabi, bringing it’s fun, eccentric and stylish attire. Originally found in Bali Indonesia in 2004, 69...
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Magic In The Hands

Dealing with a range of products from desktop computers and servers, laptops and tablets, phones and more, Arsen is a computer specialist which assists people who are having problems with software, hardware or peripherals, repairing, improving or refurbishing these products. His love for repairing began years ago when he was working in Russia, and simply didn’t see the reason for throwing away was apparently so new.

How Does The World Look?

Our world is changing day to day, it’s making momentous steps forward in terms of technological innovations, as well as making their innovations available to...
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Which Way The Grain Flows

Shaping faces and statures has helped Khun Nit get through some difficult times in his life. As a young child Khun Nit would spend his...
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Elephant Park Phang Nga

Mountainous creatures. These beloved creatures hold a special place in the hearts of all Thai’s, they are the national animal of Thailand and have been...
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Global Insurance Krabi

Your multi-brand insurance broker According to a recent university global data study of road fatalities, Thailand ranks number two in the world, with 44 road...
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The Hot Just Keeps Coming!

The past decades have seen hotter and hotter years, in fact every year has been breaking the years previous records, and there shows no signs...
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Beyond The Peninsula

Opening new climbing routes in Krabi Krabi has long since been a great destination throughout the world for climbers due to its dramatic cliffs and...
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The Will To Catch Your Cash

or millennia we have been drawn to the sea. For it’s endless possibilities, for it’s ability to challenge us, for the profit and bounty one...
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Friends Park

Ao Nang’s newest spot to come and play with your kids or grab a bite to eat. Friends park was built just completed earlier this...
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Just South of Paradise

A unique boutique hotel in Koh Lanta. Koh Lanta, the largest island in Krabi is fast developing itself from a quiet island paradise to an...
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Just Beyond The Mountain

Ao Thalane Bay, a little getaway a lot closer than you think… Ao Nang, Klong Muang and Krabi town are all great places to explore,...
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Get Down at Deep

eep has been operating in Krabi town for the past 3 years now, slowly making a name for itself as the jazz hotspot in town. Down...
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A Man And His Guitar

A comfortable chair… A fresh sea breeze, a magnificent view of the sea combined with a bright gold- orange-red sunset.  A cocktail, glass of wine...
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Dusky Languor

The use of hands to grab objects is an ability we can somewhat take for granted. The opposable thumb lends it’s ability to grasp a...
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Wat Bang Riang

Outside of Ao Nang, on the edges of Krabi province there lies a truly stunning temple complex; Wat Bang Riang. Wat in Thai means temple. ...
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Luxury Opening in Ao Nang

The highly anticipated opening of the well known Lai Thai luxury condominiums has just opened last month. Bringing with it a much awaited touch of...
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The King of the Zipline

Meet the Legend behind ziplining in Thailand You’ve often heard the coined phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Well this can be said...
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Your Coffee, Your Way

Capsule coffee is becoming more popular in Thailand at the moment. It is, however, not a novelty as other countries like the United States and...
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Massaman All The Way

Massaman curry is a Thai favorite due to its versatility (as many curries are), and ease of cooking. Originally curries in general are native to...
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Taste in Thailand

Living in Thailand has allowed me to gain some incredible perspective about overall health and well-being through Thai people and their culture.  Known as the...
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Treasure of Art in Krabi

Yet Krabi has a lot to offer and it has become one of the top priorities for Krabi municipality to bring the culture of Krabi closer to the locals as well as to the tourists. One example of this cultural revival is the Andaman Art Museum and Cultural Center in Krabi town in Maharaj Alley (Pak Nam district). Originally opened November 2013 the museum and cultural center has been undergoing exhibit overhauls and renovations since then, it is only now that the museum and cultural center can enjoy a true grand opening. The main purpose of the museum is to provide Thai and international artists a platform, where they can work together and exchange experiences and to showcase their works to the public.

The Symbol of Krabi

Each city has its own character, distinguishing it from others. Krabi Province is famous its stunning karsts that seem to hang over roads, surround beaches...
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’Tis The Season For… Mangos!

And all other wonderful things that come with the pleasure of this wonderful, delicious fruit. Mangos are known worldwide as one of quintessential tropical fruits...
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Snake Species of Thailand

By Rashad Kozhikkattil Many people suffer Ophidiophobia, the fear of snakes. People are scared of snakes because some are venomous, but most are not and rather...
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The Sawng Thaew

These amazing Thai modified vehicles can save you time and money, plus give you a short adventure through town. One of the first things you...
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Palm Oil

That oil you never use (or think you don’t). Palm oil has quickly been gaining in popularity over the past decades as more and more...
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Luxury Villa For Sale

Absolute Luxury Beach Front 6 Bedroom Pool Villa: 4 story villa 2992 sq. meters land plot 807 sq. meters living area Price. Available upon request...
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PAKA Show Park

The new Illumanorah show by PAKA is shining bright into the night. After 3 years of rigorous planning and marketing, the PAKA Showpark has finally...
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Tubkaek Mini Guide

A day’s outing on the beach, away from it all and just pure bliss, Tubkeak Beach is located a convenient 20 minutes from downtown Ao Nang....
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Now let us introduce you to a mangrove sanctuary unlike any other: Thapom water canal. A blend of fresh mineral water that seeps out from...
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The Art of Tea: Quaint Coffee Shop in Krabi Town

Located on Uttarakit Road in downtown Krabi town overlooking the Krabi River, The Art of Tea is in a great location for taking a small break while you’re visiting the famous souvenir shop PAKARANG or any of the other shops in the area. Or if you just want to grab a great shot (of double) of espresso and hit the road getting that extra jolt.

Go-Go Clubs in Ao Nang

A new style of clubbing in Krabi Ao Nang’s central party area Centerpoint has worked it’s way into the main party scene. Nova Club has a reputation as a Go-Go Bar (or Coyote Bar) in AoNang Centerpoint. They create a certain dark atmosphere which is necessary when entering at one of these styles of establishments...

Ao Nang Centerpoint: Nightlife At It’s Best

Get your night on at Ao Nang's famous centerpoint. Loaded with beer, bars and life. Krabi Magazine just finished t's review so read on then come and enjoy this famous place in Ao Nang.

Nong Thale River Residence

Nang Thale River Residence is a growing property development on the outskirts of Ao Nang. People wishing to live in this wonderful place can buy existing pool villas there or build their own.

How To Rent a Motorbike in Krabi

Scooter and motorbike rental can be a little tricky sometimes, better be informed before you get going. Get updated on the business of getting around.

Sonkran: Thai New Year Celebration

Thai’s newer celebration is com thing to behold. A nationwide waterfight the spares nobody leaving their house. Bring in the new year Thai style

Travel By Bus

Some information on how to get to and from Krabi, buses leaving and arriving in Krabi travel daily, get informed on their departure times.

Relax On a Budget at Babaji Hostel

Looking for a place to rest on a budget? Babaji has you’re fix. dorm rooms starting at only 200THB and located centrally make Babaji a good choice

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