Just Married

A foreigner could marry a Thai, or another foreigner in Thailand. Thailand’s allure to foreigners as the perfect wedding locale must be...
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Pecking A Fight

Cockfighting in Thailand is very popular and has been a part of the country’s culture for several hundred years. Said to be...
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Children’s Day

On the second Saturday of January, Thai people celebrate Children’s Day by taking their children out to have fun and permit them...
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Winter Sun Holidays

For most of European and North American people, Christmas is a winter holiday, helping to add some sparkle to the long and...
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Mountain Of Bodhisattva

The first temple of Ao Nang was inaugurated on July 23rd with the presence of Somdej Praputtajarn (Sanit Chuan Panya) the abbot...
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Thailand, The Land of Jewels

Thailand is fortunate to have jewelry artisans following traditions dating back hundreds of years and substantial gemstone resources within the Kingdom. The...
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The Spirit of Impalement

It’s happened again, another year of self mutilation and destruction much to the amazement of the onlookers…well those who take a glance up from...
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Andaman Art Museum

Just last year, Krabi’s newest museum featured it’s soft opening and now plans are under way to have all of the exhibits...
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Body Talk

Your New Year inspiration!  Did you know that 60 to 70% of your communication is body language? I am sure you can...
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