Fack De Gothe 2

Filming in Paradise

Krabi has once again attracted the attention of yet another major feature film. Entering into the limelight back in 2001 with the release of the Leonardo DiCaprio blockbuster "The Beach", Krabi has long since drawn...
Bonsai Thailand

The Green Thumb of Krabi

“I think once you initiate practicing bonsai and once bonsai gets inside of you, you’ll never look at trees the same again. Because you start realizing this magnificent microcosm that is happening inside every...
Prison Art

Freedom Through Art – A New Life Through Art Rehabilitation

There are a few hundred foreign inmates amongst almost six thousand Thai prisoners at Bangkwang Central Prison, serving long-term sentences, or whom are on death row. The retribution of foreign prisoners is two fold:...
Krabi Tattoo

In Search of Magic Ink: Part Deux

Life gets interesting where the sidewalk ends. You’d be hard pressed to find a brochure or tour guide offering a peek into the world of Sak Yant tattooing, yet the sacred geometry is everywhere....
Bonsai Krabi

Bonsai – The Art of the Small

Bonsai, a Japanese term meaning “planted in a container”, is the age-old art form of miniaturizing trees to live and thrive in pots. Although the Japanese have made it world-renowned, it is an art...
Klong Saeng - Krabi Magazine

Klong Saeng

Dip into a more natural side of life Just a short 2-hour drive from downtown Ao Nang lays an oasis of wildlife preservation and untouched nature. This region has been preserved for decades by the...
Ladyboy Thailand Krabi


Thailand’s third gender, for decades they have been making headlines in domestic and international media outlets, many flock to Thailand just to catch a glimpse of these interesting and diverse individuals. Well known throughout the...
Fishing Krabi

Fishing in Thailand

Nestled among the dramatic limestone karsts just 40 minutes north of Krabi, in the quiet and peaceful province of Phang-Nga, is a remote area where you can come and find your inner angler.  An oasis in...

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