LHM ASIA Launches Cell Fresh Net

LHM ASIA, Luxury Hospitality Management, is a consulting company operating in the South of Thailand, supporting and collaborating mostly in Hospitality Consulting. It...
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Unique Chic

The Houben is a truly unique place on the west coast of the picturesque island of Koh Lanta, one of the most...
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Screen Slaves

‘I left my phone at home’ It dawns on me. Riding the minivan to Krabi airport, the prospect of two weeks in...
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Towering History

What makes Krabi so unique, so special, so intense and dramatic upon first glance? Is it the people, the food, the beaches?...
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Leather on Lanta

When shopping in Thailand, it’s a challenge to escape from identical items for sale, everywhere. Similar clothes and bags, which is great...
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Supercars Roar into Krabi

Krabi has been the hub of growth and attention in southern Thailand for sometime now. Last August the gentleman’s magazine FHM chose...
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The Dungong

Krabi is well-known for its beautiful dive sites and rich marine life that lurks just below the surface at any one of...
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No Coal Krabi!

The Thai Government is planning to make a Petrochemical Industrial Estate in the South of Thailand and therefore needs more electricity in...
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