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The Dungong

Krabi is well-known for its beautiful dive sites and rich marine life that lurks just below the surface at any one of the numerous islands through the Bay of Phang Nga and beyond Krabi's...
No Coal Krabi

No Coal Krabi!

The Thai Government is planning to make a Petrochemical Industrial Estate in the South of Thailand and therefore needs more electricity in that area. As part of the energy project, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand...
Butterfly Thailand

Butterflies, those magical tiny creatures

Who has not strolled across a meadow in a temperate climate watching the white, yellow and reddish brown butterflies as they fly in an uncontrolled zigzag flight from flower to flower, or observed a...
3D - Krabi Magazine

3D – The New Wave in Design and Creation

Thinking of building a house but finding it difficult to decide on the style and design features? Have you thought about making a 3D model of your house or home to build to get a...
solar - Krabi Magazine

Solar Panels

Looking for a change you can make at your house? Solar panels are part of a growing sector to our global economy, they could be the solution for a global epidemic. We are all part...

Global Change. Comes in Many Forms

Since the dawn of humanity (well in written historical terms speaking…) we have been a species of trendsetting. There seems to be an never-ending fascinating with what someone else is doing and what we can do to become...
Drone - Krabi Magazine

Bird’s Eye View

It was one of the humankind’s biggest desire to fly. We were always in envy seeing birds flying above and wanted to see our world from their view. Until a few years ago only...
Restaurant Krabi

The Emotion of The Eye

Humans; visual creatures wandering, searching of that fire of beauty they see in movies, magazine, paintings and photos.  Colors flash in the eye, dazzle us when the dance among one another on screens they...
Yeast Brewing

I Brew The Beer I Drink

Ever what to take your favorite beverage into your own hands? Ever want total control over what goes into your glass? Well my friends this is your lucky issue then as we’re going to go...
Dog Meat Thailand

I Didn’t Know: The Underground Trade

Thailand remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and for good reason. Its tropical climate, welcoming people, pristine beaches and relatively cheap cost of living continue to draw millions of...

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