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Dive In To The Great Unknown

Dive In To The Great Unknown - Krabi Magazine article

Krabi’s coastline spreads over 300 kilometers, thus making it a great place to find new beaches and get wet while exploring the underwater paradise that surrounds us.

Over 150 islands dot the coastline offering a plethora of safe heavens for fish and coral to live and grow. A number of these islands are only rock outcroppings, without any beaches making them ominous and stunning to look at but not very good to stop at due to their lack of beaches. Above water the islands are truly stunning to gaze up at but underwater the world is even more amazing.

There is a number of soft and hard corals which adhere to the rocks underwater and provide a small cracks and crevices for fish and small crustaceans to hide in. If you have the breath in you and have the desire you can head out on a snorkeling expedition and dive in to see what you can find.

If you’re a little more yearning for underwater adventures you can try your luck at SCUBA diving, the entire bay areas is quite shallow (relatively speaking) with most diving locations less than 30 meters the life underwater is rich and full of life. There are blacktop reef sharks, leopard sharks, numerous parrot fish, pipe fish, nudibranchs and of course the friendly clown fish (or more commonly known as nemo fish).


The underwater world is rich in life but if we are not careful it will not be for our children and future generations so please be considerate with your trash whether you are on a boat or on a beach please always look for a trash bin to dispose of your bags, bottles and butts in.

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