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A Spirit in the Air, A Spirit in the Ground, A Spirit in Your Heart

A Spirit in the Air, A Spirit in the Ground, A Spirit in Your Heart - Krabi Magazine article

Last month marked the end of the 11th annual Bali Spirit, but it was our first and was it an experience!

On April 4th over 5,000 unique, fun, happy and loving people from all over the world descended on the outskirts of Ubud Bali to facilitate a higher level experience full of dance, yoga, healing and personal development workshops for a 7 day period. The festival was kicked off at one of the main sponsors yoga studio at the Yoga Barn, lead by a welcome from member of the Bali government, local dancers, international DJ’s, and plenty of good food and drinks.

Bali Spirit Festival

Bali Spirit festival began some 11 years as a small yoga festival drawing in a limited participation of some 150 people. Those whom were lucky enough to come and see the initial festival took their experience home with them spreading the good word of what they got over the 7 day festival. It was a chance for more people to hear about the fantastic energy of Bali coupled with a loving, expressive and spiritual leaning experience which was going on in Bali, so naturally more and more came year after year to make the festival what it is today. Currently Bali Spirit Festival stands as one of the largest spiritual higher learning festivals around the world. It’s a testament to peoples dedication to share, learn, experience and most of all to love which has brought the festival to represent teachers and guests alike from over 150 countries.

Bali Spirit Festival

Many of you reading this might be sitting in your seats little intimidated and rightly so, a week long festival sounds like a lot, but with workshops from morning to night there is so chances to experience things as you like, return to your hotel room and venture back to the festival when you have time. While it sounds like a lot with the whole mantra of the festival being ‘spiritual’, and to be quite honest I was a little intimidated when I first heard about the festival but after arriving and seeing everyone with smiles on their faces, bringing me to different classes, laughing with one another, sharing their knowledge with everyone who was interested, this really was a authentic, kind and loving feeling I got everywhere at the festival and after my first, I can’t wait for the second one!

Bali Spirit Festival

Not being a huge Yogi myself I was a little nervous, would there be something for someone like me at the Bali Spirit Festival? YES! There was nothing but diversity there, I participated in a variety of dance classes, capoeira, meditation and a number of sound healing workshops, I actually did one acrayoga class (which was kind of my favourite class). There were so many options for everyone of all shapes, sizes and experience levels.

I also held reservations for the safety of my little three year old, and about here safety at the festival, where would she stay, would she let me participate in the workshops or would she be in great need of my attention at all times? This was a serious concern as I’ve travelled elsewhere with my daughter and leaving her anywhere is a risky proposition at best. No worries once again once I got to The Bali Spirit Festival, we were introduced to a friendly team of warm and fun people who were tasked with engaging the kids in a range of activities such as dance, painting, exercise, story time and of course there was time for an afternoon nap. Needless say my daughter came home ever day completely exhausted and was ready for bed before we finished dinner.

The world with the ever growing evolution of technology drives growth in so many places across the globe and inside our bodies and minds. This can be a good thing, but I think can also be slightly unnatural. I am a person of generation X (I was born in 1986) and I’ve seen a serious change in mindset and perception of todays generation. Everyone is looking at their phone at every chance they get, checking-in, informing the world what their doing, and checking on what everyone else is doing. This is a recent development which has happened over the past 10 or so years and has only been exacerbated with the price of smartphones coming down, and these multitude of other social applications which have sprung into existence. This has been  great development, now people in remote regions can be connected to their family or relatives on the other side of the globe in seconds. It all comes with many benefits but it also comes with a number of negative side effects. Namely our inability to live in the resent, to breathe, listen, and take in our surrounded whether they be people or nature, it’s becoming an ever-increasing issue with toady’s developing generations, and will once get worse in the coming years if everyone of us takes the team to get away from this growing addiction.

Bali Spirit Festival

It was a great removal for me, to leave my phone at my hotel room and just participate in the many workshops, no working about anything at all, just being where i was engaging in the moment.

I loved the time at the Bali Spirit Festival and am excited about the 2019 festival, if you’re interested in having an experience of a lifetime get in touch with the festival directly at:



Bali Spirit Festival

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