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The Artist Inside

The Artist Inside - Krabi Magazine article

A short tale of how this amazing artist came to Krabi and continued his love of creation, unwavering in his style and determination.

Since a young boy Juart had loved rearranging things to make images and emotions come to life, it was somewhat of a therapy or way to escape for him. Never attracted to the traditional way of life he always vowed for a more artistic version of life, a better way to express himself to the world around him. There was always a certain side of him that had a clear and distinct vision for what and how he wanted his work to turn out, along the path things would often change and become modified, but the end image or impression always stayed steadfast like a mangrove forest standing it’s ground against an onslaught of pounding waves.

The Artist Inside - Krabi

His artistic journey began some number of years when Khun Juart was just a boy and as a boy he was curious of the world he lived in. The trees which towered overhead, the rainwater collecting on the edges of streets, sunsets blending brilliant colors in the evening skies, everything had a voice and something to say to Khun Juart, and he tried to find his voice to talk back.

The Artist Inside - Krabi

He grew up in the densely populated metropolises of Bangkok, surrounded by an amazing amount of colors, shapes, sounds and most of all, life. Such an immense amount of inspiration thought the streets of Bangkok, from the streetwise food vendors to the craftspeople who give life to Chatucak and other markets throughout the city. There was always an overflow of inspiration for Khun Juart as he spend his days exploring and learning about the wide and diverse world around him.

Khun Juart began his artistic journey with painting, nice and easy to start. He would paint anything he could; paper, canvas, walls, wood anything he was allowed to paint (sometimes not allowed to) he did. It was a way for him to feel alive and manifest his dreams into reality. His first introduction to painting came at the young age of 12, and soon opened the gateway to other art mediums such as sculpting, carpentry and wood working, paper mache and much more.

His love for painting has never wavered but with the introduction of multiple other mediums 

Meeting his wife some years later the 2 of them began trips to Krabi on an annual basis, just to get outside the city and see another landscape, that all began some 20 years ago when Krabi was still carving it’s place out on the world map and still unknown to many backpackers, luxury holiday seekers and everyone in-between. Now it’s grown into a major hub in the region offering a destination to some 2,000,000 travelers in 2016 alone. With the change in Krabi there has been an influx of other artists coming to Krabi or artists in Krabi having more of a community to breathe and create in freely. The governor of Krabi has a strong love for various kinds of art and this can be seen throughout the city of Krabi town, from the Bronze casted history wall just outside the municipality office in Krabitown to the recently opened Andaman Art Museum to the traffic lights on Maharat road, these are all government sponsored projects and reflects the communities commitment to keeping history alive with an artistic flare.

The Artist Inside - Krabi

Maybe it was this sense of community, maybe it was the towering mountains of Krabi, maybe it was the un-congested streets of the province, but whatever it was Khun Juart knew he had to make this his new home. So some 10 years ago Khun Juart and his wife decided to make the plunge and move to Krabi, to see this new and exciting place every day and not only once a year. Immediately he began combing the beaches of krabi looking for driftwood and other lost items to reshape and modify to create sculptures of people and animals. There was still a strong passion fo panting and this continued as he began painting drift wood, broken and discarded planks and transform them into wall hangings, coat racks and other useful items. Khun Juart has kept his sense of style and love of art alive and continues to thrive in this wonderful part of the globe.

The Artist Inside - Krabi

You can find Khun Juart often combing the beach looking for items for his next sculpture or selling his wares and paintings at Krabi night market every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Krabitown, he even does caricatures on the spot so if your looking for a real unique and amazing piece of Krabi to bring home with you please visit his stall in Krabi town night market.

The Artist Inside - Krabi

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